Quality control is the key to success

The most important tasks in the field of agricultural mapping are to ensure high quality of aerial photogeodetic work, compliance with technologies and the requirements of current regulations.

The solution to these problems is achieved by a set of measures, including a clear organization of control over compliance with technologies at all stages of production and professionally organized acceptance of products.

To ensure the effective functioning of the quality control process, the enterprise has organized a technical control department (TCD), which includes specialists who monitor all stages of production. The control center plays a special role in this process and is responsible for the reliability of control results, preventing low-quality production of cartographic products.

Quality control of geodetic, photogrammetric, topographic, cartographic work and their acceptance is an integral part of the entire technological process of creating digital agricultural maps, which consists of:

– checking at all stages of production the compliance of the results of the work performed and their execution in accordance with the requirements of current regulatory and technical documents, as well as the requirements of technical projects;

– determining the degree of completion and quality of aerial photogeodetic work;

– preventing the performance of work that does not comply with the requirements of current regulatory and technical documents and contracts;

– analysis of the reasons that reduce the quality of aerial photogeodetic work;

– checking the completeness of the use of geodetic, aerospace survey, cartographic and reference materials;

– providing objective data to assess the quality of work;

– preventing defects in work, providing the necessary assistance in performing work on time and in compliance with established requirements;

– taking measures aimed at preventing marriage.

To do this, in the process of performing aerial photogeodetic work, the following types of technical control are carried out:

– control of field work (carried out systematically on site during the field season);

– control of office work (performed at intermediate stages of the entire technological process when moving materials between departments).

Currently, the RSE “GISHAGI” is fulfilling the state task of creating digital agricultural maps of scales 1:10,000 and 1:25,000 in the following regions: Aktobe, Almaty, Karaganda, East Kazakhstan, Zhambyl, Pavlodar, Turkestan, Zhetisu.

Therefore, today, to prevent low quality of cartographic products and control field work on deciphering orthophotomaps, experienced specialists from the Technical Control Department have been sent to the survey departments in Aktobe, Atyrau, Almaty, and Zhambyl regions.

Control and acceptance of created digital agricultural scale maps is carried out by the technical control department at the enterprise in office conditions.

Systematic quality management today is the main way to create competitive products, provided that the system is effective!