The professional holiday was celebrated by employees of the RSE “GISHAGI”

A solemn event dedicated to the Day of Land Management, Geodesy and Cartography, celebrated annually in Kazakhstan on the second Saturday of March, took place at the RSE “GISHAGI”.

Thanks to the work of land surveyors, surveyors and cartographers, state authorities and local governments are provided with geodetic and cartographic information necessary for the functioning of economic sectors, studying the use of natural resources, environmental protection, construction, land management, prevention and liquidation of consequences after emergency situations, ensuring defense capability countries.

Today, people in these professions with solid knowledge, an analytical mind and spatial vision are in demand. Their work is valuable and important.

For significant contribution to the development of land management, geodesy and cartography, impeccable work and high professionalism, nine employees of the enterprise: Salybekov N.N., Eroshevich E.E., Zamolomskaya I.V., Ibragimova A.P., Kurmambaeva G.M., Labanova A.A., Pugovkina L.V., Skabylova A.S., Suleimenov R.Kh. awarded with departmental awards – badges “Honorary Surveyor”, “Honorary Cartographer” and “Honorary Land Surveyor”.

Director of GISHAGI Bimendina G.A. congratulated my colleagues on their main professional holiday, thanked them for their dedication to their chosen work and wished them success, health, good mood, and good luck in all their endeavors!